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Dan Donahue

Musician. Traveler. Programmer.

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About Me

Music is my first passion. I play guitar. I write music and have a small home studio for recording. I'm also fanatical about discovering new music and going to concerts.

I love to travel. I'm fascinated by nature and castles. I like to hike and ride my bike. And most of all, I enjoy doing all of these things with my wife, Stephanie.

I'm fascinated by Europe, and Scandinavia in particular. The culture, the sights, the music and the history.

I play ice hockey. I'm an avid Philadelphia Flyers fan.

And I like to cook.

Professionally, I'm a software developer with over 10 years of experience. I've primarily built rich web applications using C# and Microsoft web technologies (ASP.NET MVC and, ugh, WebForms), but I like to write in Ruby whenever the chance comes along. I'm a fan of messaging-centric programming, event-driven architectures and CQRS. I prefer Agile practices, test-driven development and good object orientation.

About the name

I chose Journeyman as the name of the site because it succinctly describes me in two ways.

A journeyman is an individual who is fully educated in a trade or craft, but not yet a master. I see an implication here in that the journey to mastering something is continual. That's how I feel about myself as a programmer. I'm on a constant path of self development.

In a more literal sense, I am also an individual who enjoys travel and nature - a man who journeys.