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I've spent the past few days giving my website a facelift. I haven't written much in the last few months, but I've gotten the urge again recently.

Why the change?

Previously, my website was nothing more than a professional blog. It contained my writings on technology and workplace matters. But that's only a small facet of my existence and I wanted to branch out. I debated the options and considered starting another blog elsewhere on the web but it occurred to me that this is my website - why should I only represent one small part of what makes me tick?

I actually did a bit of research and asked around to find out that most people believe you should separate your personal and professional online presence. While some of the reasons resonate with me, such as potential employers looking into your personal life, I can't help but feel like I'm lying to everyone when I only put one side out there.

If my blog only contains posts of a professional nature, people may get the sense that all I do with myself is write code all day and night all of the time. While I thoroughly enjoy doing that, I also have other interests. Conversely, when I'm at work, I'm likely to talk to my co-workers about some of my other interests - music, hockey, nature, etc. It just seems logical to me to share the collective thoughts that add up to Dan Donahue.

I used to have separate Twitter accounts, separate email addresses, etc. It felt difficult. When I had a thought, I couldn't just get it out there. I had to stop and think first "would programmers want to see this or everyone else?" The answer wasn't always black and white.

What's New

My recent travels are the impetus for blogging again. I want to share them and, thanks to a great idea from my fiancée, sometimes share a song that I feel complements the landmark that I'm writing about.

Of course - that's not all that I'll share. I'll still write about topics that I feel strongly about in my professional life because writing code is still something that I'm very passionate about. I may write about a book I'm reading, a topic I'm researching, a concert I've attended or perhaps just wonder out loud about something.

What it really comes down to is this - I have a lot of things spinning around in my head and I need a way to get them out of there. This website is my way. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.